Who We Are:

Like so many instrumental ensembles, the group incorporates a host of styles and idioms into its sound, from jazz to pop to bluegrass to classical.  Unlike many, it may have succeeded in creating its own idiom.  “The music began, and I’d never heard anything like it,” writes Jenni Simmons (The Curator) at an April 2010 performance in Houston, TX. “Whatever you call it, I loved it.”

Since their first official performance at the 2009 World Saxophone Congress in Bangkok, Thailand, they have performed regularly throughout the U.S. at festivals, clubs, universities, performing arts centers, cellars and rooftops.

Kevin Gosa (saxophones) is an emerging thought-leader on arts and culture. His writing has appeared in Comment, Chamber Music, and The Curator. He has masterminded four conferences for International Arts Movement.

Jake Armerding (strings) has been performing as a bluegrass fiddler and folk songwriter for over 20 years. He was acclaimed by the Boston Globe as “the most gifted songwriter to emerge from the Boston folk scene in years.”

Where We Have Presented:

Baylor University Honors College (TX) · World Saxophone Congress (Bangkok, Thailand) · Eastern University (PA) · M.I.T. (MA) · International Arts Movement E11 (NYC) · Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (Singapore) · Gordon College (MA) · Aquinas College (MI) · Somerville Theater (MA) · The Birchmere (VA) · Infinity Hall (CT) · New Hampshire Folk Festival · Soulfest (NH) · Hill House (Austin, TX)

What This Site Is About:

This is where The Fretful Porcupine explores, expounds, and expands its understanding of “what music is.”  Think of it as a meta-musicological experiment — a journey to a fuller understanding of our art and our world.  Here, the ideas behind our art take shape and either flourish or dissolve.  It is our hope that the questions we raise become a catalyst for others to think more deeply and engage more fully with the art of music.