Masterclasses & Lectures

Music is an art of communication. For us we thrive on both communicating the emotive aesthetic of the notes and rhythms themselves, but also the ideas and practices that underline those motives.

Navigating the treacherous waters of the simultaneous playing of violin and soprano saxophone (against the advice of… well, nearly everyone), has yielded a treasure trove of wisdom – mostly hard-earned – about performing that neither of us had prior to our collaboration.

Our exploration of the nature of music, its substance, and its role in people’s lives and society has likewise given us a vantage point on music and broader culture that is valuable to students, faculty and audiences.

We present masterclasses on: intonation; phrasing; listening; improvisation; and the process of collaboration.

We lecture on topics such as: the thingness of music; 5 keys for entrepreneurial success; audience-building after the digital revolution; music, the church and culture; what does it mean to integrate art and faith; sharper, flatter, does music matter; and space, time and the nature of sound.

It isn’t just enough to “perform” music anymore. We believe it’s essential to engage in vigorous dialogue about music every place we go so we are constantly learning from others, developing new relationships, and fulfilling our mission to reinvigorate and deepen our culture’s engagement with live and temporal music.