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About Us

The Fretful Porcupine is a Roots Chamber Music Duo boldly daring to fuse together the worlds of the serpentine saxophone and the philandering fiddle. The sounds are surprising, soulful, subtle, and (we hope) satisfying. Check out the Our Sound section to sample our stylings.

Our Sound

About Music

The entire musical world is in a tailspin with few knowing the difference between up or down. That makes for hard choices about what to do as an ensemble. So, we've had to ask ourselves, in the face of all this uncertainty, what IS music anyway? We've started using Our Blog as a place to work out some possibly radical ideas. Read at your own risk.

Our Words

About Life

Too preachy? Well, since we both have families, our goal as musicians and husbands (and a father) is to excel as artists to the best of our God-given ability, without losing sight of those things in life which matter most - our loved ones. Therefore, we try to cultivate opportunities to work that honor our artistry and our families.

Our Work

Recent Work.

Recent Posts.

What’s That Music Called?

Asking us what we call our music is a little like asking a chef “what kind of […]

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The Thingness Of Music

Together we’ve been playing music for a total of 50 years. Well, not together, but cumulatively. Both […]

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Audience Development

Artists and arts organizations interested in understanding “THE AUDIENCE” talk endlessly about programs and outreach and cultivation, […]

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Austin, Austin, Austin

We like going to Texas. And we’d like to think that Texas likes us coming there. But […]

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Blockbuster Idea: Pirates of the Caribbean XIV

Here’s the idea for a new blockbuster Hollywood picture.

I have recently been tetering at the edge of the world location scouting for Gore Verbinski and Jerry Bruckheimer’s new historical dramatization, Pirates of the Caribbean XIV, Capt. Jack and the Bay of Pigs.

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Baylor University

In 2011 we spent a few days at Baylor University in Waco, TX working with the honors […]

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