The Collaborative Residency

It is one of our goals to foster a deeper discussion around – as well as engagement with – music, art and culture. This has led us to create The Collaborative Residency. A multi-day experience where we immerse ourselves into a place and time to create, relate, and open new avenues of thought and experiences for all our collaborators.

What collaborators?

The collaborators are everyone. Every student, faculty member, resident, any person who engages with us during the collaborative IS a collaborator. The notion that there exists an uncrossable chasm between those who create and those who “consume” is one we reject. The Collaborative Residency is fundamentally about community. It’s about discovering and discoursing in community. We do not presume to be the so-called “experts.” We have a perspective that is informed by our artistry, travels, families, friendships and such. But so do the participants in the workshops, lectures and performances we present wherever we find ourselves.

It is the spirit of the relational that we seek to draw out in The Collaborative Residency. Of course, we want to perform and generate revenue and all the other business concerns that an ensemble like ours faces. But, if we have done that at the expense of true involvement we have failed our long-term mission.

The Collaborative Residency is not a out-of-the-box item. It is customized. It is flexible. It is unique. We cannot presume to know exactly what the needs and strengths are of a place, or the community that has invited us. Rather, through conversation and careful preparation we work with our partners to develop an experience that is from within and not from without. We believe this sense of ownership over cultural offerings is crucial to fostering real commitment and involvement from people who, let’s be honest, are often skeptical or simply disinterested in engaging.

We believe this kind of programming is an essential part of building strong, engaged, and vibrant communities invested in seeing local and regional arts and culture thrive.

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