What People Say

“The music began, and I’d never heard anything like it. Whatever you call it, I loved it.”
Jenni Simmons, Curator Magazine

“They take ‘country’ music and do what only people who’ve spent way too much in New York City would do.”
Jacob Wheeler, Glen Arbor Sun

“Their sound is a mix of Jake’s folk and bluegrass influence and Kevin’s jazz and classical stylings. In short, the tunes reflect each of the player’s love for the music they play.”
Patrol Magazine

“Close your eyes and listen to Jake and Kevin … their music is just plain great.”
Eastern University Provost David King

“Most of us are used to music that is in distinct categories; classical, rock, etc. You can thank the record industry for that.”
Interlochen Public Radio

“This duo’s sound stretches the musical genre of both the violin and the saxophone and takes an audience through a whole range of emotions within one song. It enchants one’s spirit and makes one appreciate the musical creativity that the Fretful Porcupine generates in every show.”
Elk Rapids Live

“I like these guys a lot.”
Johnny Simmons, Drummer

First is the dynamic interplay between two voices that are very different and whose differences are accentuated rather than diminished by being linked together in this particular time and space. The sounds of the violin and saxophone are made differently (one by direct physical contact between bow and string, the other by shaping of breath itself), and the lines each one plays are set against the other in counterpoint for more of the piece than they are in synchrony and harmony. Tension is what gives the piece its life.
Mark Sprinkle, BioLogos

Listening to this recording of The Fretful Porcupine playing “The Water Is Wide” online is a very different experience than being in the room with the duo and other audience members for a live performance. Nevertheless, the diversity of readers of this post does recreate one particular aspect of being with Jake Armerding and Kevin Gosa presenting the music in person… more.
Mark Sprinkle, BioLogos